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Ash Tsai, a promising American actress and rising media figure, has garnered attention, particularly following her role in the 2023 film “Journey To Christmas.” Her captivating performance has sparked anticipation for her future endeavors. Notably, she is set to appear in two upcoming projects: “Western Avenue,” where she portrays the character Riley, currently in post-production and slated for release in 2023, and “DNA Dad,” in which she plays the role of Ash, already completed. As she continues to make strides in the entertainment industry, Ash Tsai’s talent and potential promise to captivate audiences further in the years to come.

Category Details
Date Of Birth 1990s
Birth Day 27 June
Age Mid 20s
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Relationship Status Single
Born In Los Angeles, California
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity Mixed
Profession Actress, Writer
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Net worth $300 thousand
Weight 57 kg
Education BA in Communication,
Master in Entertainment Industry in Management
College University of Washington,
Carnegie Mellon University
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Who Is Ash Tsai? Wikipedia Details

Who Is Ash Tsai? Wikipedia Details

Ash Tsai, a renowned American actress, writer, director, and model, has left a mark in the entertainment industry with notable roles like Sylvia in the short film “Driverless” (2022) and Justine Hahn in “Cold Creek” (2021). Despite her fame, she remains without a Wikipedia page.

Born in the late 1990s in Los Angeles, California, Ash values her family’s privacy, keeping details about her parents and siblings away from the media spotlight. She commemorates her birthday on June 27th, placing her under the Cancer zodiac sign. With her charming personality and youthful appearance, she likely falls into her mid-20s. Ash, a Christian of mixed ethnicity, embraces her LA roots.

Standing approximately 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighing around 57kg, Ash maintains a graceful presence. She pursued her education diligently, earning a BA in Communication from the University of Washington (2017-2019) before obtaining a Master’s in Entertainment Industry Management from Carnegie Mellon University (2020-2022).

Ash Tsai Career

Ash Tsai’s professional journey has been a dynamic ride through various industries, showcasing her versatility and determination. She started as an intern at NPH USA, then ventured into retail as a Sales Associate at The Buckle, Inc. Later, she explored the legal sector as a Front Desk Receptionist at Tsai Law Company, PLLC. Transitioning to media, she refined her skills at KING 5 Media Group in sales and coordination. With a passion for entertainment, Ash served as the music and social media coordinator for the Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival. Her roles as an Intern at Artists First and assistant to the CEO at Barry Katz Entertainment highlight her dedication to the entertainment industry and her desire to make a meaningful impact. Through her diverse experiences, Ash has demonstrated adaptability, drive, and a constant pursuit of excellence.

Ash Tsai Personal Life 

Ash Tsai Personal Life 

Ash Tsai seems to be currently single, as there are no indications or hints of her having a boyfriend or husband. Her focus appears to be primarily on her career growth and personal development rather than romantic relationships. Furthermore, Ash has not shared any photos or information about a partner on her social media platforms.

Overall, Ash values her privacy and prefers to keep her personal life, including her dating life, under wraps. Consequently, little is known about her past or present romantic relationships in the media. She has managed to avoid any dating scandals, rumors, or controversies, maintaining a clear distinction between her professional and personal life.

Ash Tsai Net Worth

Ash Tsai Net Worth

Ash Tsai’s financial success speaks volumes about her diverse career as an actress, writer, director, and model. With an estimated net worth of around $300 thousand, she enjoys financial stability and the freedom to indulge in a luxurious lifestyle. Her earnings are a result of her unwavering dedication and hard work in the entertainment industry, where she has showcased her talent and versatility across various creative roles. As she continues to thrive in her career, Ash’s net worth stands as a testament to her accomplishments and provides a solid foundation for her ongoing success in the competitive realm of entertainment.


  1. What is Ash Tsai’s net worth?

Ash Tsai has an estimated net worth of approximately $300 thousand, earned through her careers as an actress, writer, director, and model.

  1. Where was Ash Tsai born?

Ash Tsai was born in Los Angeles, California, in the mid-1990s, making her a native of the vibrant city.

  1. What is Ash Tsai’s educational background?

Ash Tsai holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and a Master’s degree in Entertainment Industry Management, both from prestigious institutions such as the University of Washington and Carnegie Mellon University, respectively.

  1. What is Ash Tsai’s professional background?

Ash Tsai has had a diverse professional journey, including roles such as sales associate, front desk receptionist, sales intern, account coordinator, music and social media coordinator, intern, and assistant to the CEO.


In closing, Ash Tsai emerges as a versatile and resilient individual, showcasing a rich tapestry of talents and experiences. From her roots in Los Angeles to her academic endeavors and diverse professional roles, she embodies determination, creativity, and adaptability. With an estimated net worth of $300 thousand, she continues to navigate the entertainment industry with finesse, making her mark as an actress, writer, director, and model. Ash Tsai’s journey serves as an inspiration, underscoring the significance of versatility, education, and steadfastness in pursuing one’s dreams and aspirations.


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