Who is Rob Dyrdek’s Wife? Ethnicity Rob Dyrdek Wife

Bryiana Noelle Flores is an American model, businessperson, and social media sensation, making her mark in the beauty, fashion, and modeling scene since 2013. Notably, she clinched the title of Playboy Playmate of the Year, earning widespread recognition. Her fame soared even higher when she tied the knot with Rob Dyrdek, a well-known American entertainer and entrepreneur. Interestingly, Bryiana faced a challenging moment in her life at the age of 11 when she was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

In terms of her professional endeavors, Bryiana is renowned internationally for her prowess in business and modeling. She is the proud owner of two businesses, namely Iconic Beauty and Iconic Wine Beauties. Adding to her diverse portfolio, she is also a sought-after beauty pageant coach, boasting a substantial following on social media. Beyond her successful career, Bryiana seamlessly juggles her roles as a dedicated wife and mother.

Ethnicity Rob Dyrdek Wife

Ethnicity Of Rob Dyrdek Wife

Bryiana Noelle Flores, married to Rob Dyrdek, possesses a wonderfully diverse and culturally vibrant background stemming from her mixed ethnicity. Her roots weave together Filipino, Chinese, Caucasian, Cherokee, and Spanish origins, creating a captivating tapestry of heritage. This unique fusion signifies the intersection of various cultural influences, enriching Bryiana’s identity. Embracing this diversity, she unfolds a narrative adorned with a mosaic of cultures, bringing depth and individuality to her personal journey. Through her mixed heritage, Bryiana not only showcases the beauty of cultural diversity but also embodies a connection to a multifaceted legacy spanning different corners of the world.

Quick Bio

Profile Summary
Full NameBryiana Noelle Flores
Date of BirthJuly 21, 1991
Age (as of 2021)30 years old
Zodiac SignCancer
Place of BirthSalinas, California, USA
Current ResidenceBeverly Hills, California
Height (feet)5’3″
Height (cm)160
Weight (lbs)108
Weight (kg)49
Body Measurements (inches)32-25-33
Body Measurements (cm)81-63-83
Shoe Size (US)5
Hair ColourDark brown
FatherBrian Flores
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandRob Dyrdek
ProfessionModel and Entrepreneur
Net Worth$3 million

Who is Rob Dyrdek’s wife?

Who is Rob Dyrdek's wife?


Bryiana Noelle Flores holds the official title of Rob Dyrdek’s wife. She is not just a recognized American model but also a thriving entrepreneur. Building a successful career in modeling, Bryiana has made a name for herself in the industry. Her journey took a challenging turn in childhood when she faced a life-threatening illness, leading the Make-A-Wish Foundation to grant her the wish of swimming with dolphins in Hawaii. Fortunately, she overcame the illness through consistent medication.

Despite triumphing over her health challenges, Bryiana faced a different kind of struggle at school, dealing with constant bullying related to her body. Despite discouragement from others when she expressed her dream of becoming a model, Bryiana remained resilient and did not give up on her aspirations.

Bryiana Noelle Flores’ Biography 

Bryiana Noelle Flores' Biography 

The supermodel hails from Monterey County, Salinas, California, United States, although she spent a significant part of her childhood in Los Banos, California. Bryiana Noelle Flores’ father goes by the name Brian Flores, but details about her mother remain undisclosed. Similarly, information about any siblings she may have is not known.

At the age of 11, Bryiana faced a challenging diagnosis of aplastic anaemia, a life-threatening blood disease. In response to her condition, the Make-A-Wish Foundation extended a heartfelt gesture, granting her the opportunity to fulfill a wish by swimming with dolphins in Hawaii.

How did Rob Dyrdek meet his wife? 

How did Rob Dyrdek meet his wife? 

Rob Dyrdek and Bryiana Noelle Flores first crossed paths at an event in 2013, but their connection had already started brewing online. Before meeting face-to-face, Dyrdek had been following her on X (formerly Twitter) and sliding into her direct messages. In a 2018 interview, Bryiana revealed that Rob had previously texted her, suggesting they hang out. Their relationship blossomed from there, leading to them officially dating.

The turning point came in 2015 during a trip to Disneyland when Rob proposed to Bryiana, marking a magical moment in their journey. The couple sealed the deal and exchanged vows on September 19, 2015, creating a beautiful chapter in their love story.

Rob Dyrdek’s children

Rob Dyrdek's children

Rob Dyrdek and his wife, Bryiana, are beaming parents to two adorable kids. Their eldest, Kodah Dash Dyrdek, made his entrance into the world on September 9, 2016, bringing an abundance of joy to the family. The Dyrdek clan expanded further with the arrival of their second bundle of joy, Nala Ryan Dyrdek, born on December 29, 2017, adding even more richness to their lives. As of the current year, 2024, Kodah is eight years old, and Nala is six, marking precious milestones in their childhood.

Despite the hustle and bustle of their lives, the couple has aspirations to continue growing their family. With plans to have a total of five children, Rob and Bryiana are creating a household filled with love, commitment, and shared dreams of a lively and joyous family life.

Is Rob Dyrdek Still Married? 

Is Rob Dyrdek Still Married? 

Since Rob Dyrdek and model Bryiana tied the knot, they’ve been savoring a happy and harmonious life together. Recently, Bryiana expressed her love and best wishes to Rob on his birthday, sharing a heartfelt post on Instagram. This public gesture serves as a beautiful testament to the strong bond and joy they experience in their relationship. Despite some speculations, there’s no indication of any separation; in fact, their interactions on social media paint a picture of a united and joyful partnership.

The couple is doubly blessed with two adorable children – a son named Kodah Dash, born in September 2016, and a daughter named Nala Dyrdek, born in 2017. These little ones undeniably contribute to the joy and fulfillment of their family life. The Dyrdek family seems to be thriving, dispelling any rumors of discord. Their public displays of love and the evident happiness in their family pictures underscore a united front, highlighting the joy that Rob Dyrdek and Bryiana share as they navigate the journey of parenthood together.

Professional Career 

Professional Career 

When Bryiana Noelle expressed her dream of venturing into modeling, she faced discouragement from those who believed her physique would be a hindrance. Undeterred, she chose to follow her passion and dive into a modeling career. Post high school, Bryiana delved into local beauty pageants where her slender figure worked in her favor, leading her to victory. In 2008, she earned the title of Miss Teen of the Nation, and later, she clinched the Miss California Teen pageant.

Taking her aspirations to the next level, Bryiana relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a modeling career. Her breakthrough came in 2013 when she graced the pages of Playboy Magazine’s September issue and earned the title of Playmate of the Month. This moment became a pivotal stepping stone towards her dreams. In 2014, she participated in the World’s Perfect Pageant and emerged as the winner, catapulting her into the limelight as a renowned supermodel.

Currently, Bryiana Noelle Flores wears multiple hats as the President of Iconic Beauty and Iconic Wine Beauties. As the CEO, she is dedicated to sharing her wealth of experience and knowledge to empower and inspire women to embrace their brightest selves.

Rob Dyrdek’s Wife Worth

Rob Dyrdek's Wife Worth

Bryiana Noelle Flores has built an impressive net worth of $3 million through her successful ventures in business and modeling. In comparison, her husband, Rob Dyrdek, holds a substantial net worth of $100 million, showcasing his accomplishments in skateboarding, television, and entrepreneurship. Together, they form a dynamic duo with significant financial success in their respective fields.

Social media presence 

Social media presence 

Bryiana Noelle Flores, Rob Dyrdek’s wife, commands a significant presence on social media, with 679k followers on Instagram and over 680k on Facebook. Beyond her online success, she excels as a model and entrepreneur, showcasing remarkable achievements. Her accomplishments extend beyond the modeling world, highlighting her prowess as a businesswoman. 

Despite her busy schedule, Bryiana remains a devoted wife and caring mother, sharing glimpses of cherished family moments on social media. Balancing her thriving career with her role as a loving wife and mother, Bryiana stands as a multifaceted and accomplished woman finding fulfillment in both aspects of her life.

Social Media Profiles
FacebookBryiana Noelle Dyrdek


Q. What illness did Bryiana Noelle Flores have?

Bryiana Noelle Flores revealed in December 2022 that she was formally diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), embarking on a journey of learning and understanding.

Q. Is Rob Dyrdek’s wife Spanish?

Bryiana Noelle Flores has a diverse background, including Filipino, Chinese, Caucasian, Cherokee, Spanish, and Blackfoot ancestry. While she has Spanish heritage, her roots span various cultures.

Q. What nationality is Bryiana Noelle Flores?

Bryiana Noelle Flores is American, born in Selena, California, on July 21, 1991.

Q. How much older is Rob Dyrdek than his wife?

Rob Dyrdek is 17 years older than Bryiana Noelle Flores.


In our previous chat, we explored the life of Bryiana Noelle Flores, the wife of Rob Dyrdek. Bryiana, an American model and entrepreneur, has a rich cultural background. Overcoming health challenges in her youth, she went on to establish a successful modeling career. Bryiana and Rob share their love and family moments on social media, with her Instagram and Facebook accounts boasting a significant following. Alongside her modeling success, Bryiana serves as the President of Iconic Beauty and Iconic Wine Beauties, showcasing her achievements in both the modeling and business realms. Our conversation also delved into Bryiana’s early life, her marriage to Rob Dyrdek, and the happiness they find in their family life.

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