Ka Ho Cho: Meet  Redd Foxx Fourth And Last Wife

Ka Ho Cho gained recognition as a beloved family member in the world of South Korean-American celebrities, primarily known for being the fourth and final wife of the renowned American comedian, Redd Foxx, whose real name is John Elroy Sanford. Their marital journey, unfortunately, was brief, as Redd Foxx passed away just three months after their union.

Quick Bio 

Profile Summary 
Full NameKa Ho Cho
NicknameKa Ho
Date of Birth1959 
Age65 years (as of 2024)
BirthplaceSeoul, South Korea
Romantic OrientationHeterosexual
NationalitySouth Korean/American (rumored dual citizenship)
Marital StatusWidowed (John Elroy Sanford)
Hair ColourDark brown
Eye ColourDark brown
ChildrenDebraca Denise Foxx (stepdaughter)
Native LanguageKorean, English

Ka Ho Cho Biography 

Ka Ho Cho Biography 

Ka Ho Cho, born in Seoul, South Korea, in 1959, spent the majority of her childhood in the eastern country before relocating to South Korea. At the age of 65, she embraces her Asian heritage, and details about her early life and family remain shrouded in mystery.

Primarily recognized as the wife of the late Redd Foxx, Ka Ho Cho’s life is intertwined with his legacy. She holds dual citizenship, being a South Korean citizen by birth and acquiring American citizenship through marriage. Cho is characterized by her fair skin complexion.

From her late husband’s previous marriage, Ka Ho Cho is the stepmother of Debraca Denise Foxx. Unfortunately, details about Cho’s educational background are not available, as the widowed celebrity spouse prefers to keep many aspects of her life private.

Ka Ho Cho  Parents and Sibling

Ka Ho Cho is blessed with a wonderful family that provides unwavering love and support. Raised by South Korean parents, she shares a close-knit bond with her siblings, who are not just family but also her closest friends. Growing up, Ka Ho’s household was filled with love, laughter, and the warmth of familial connections.

Her parents instilled in her the encouragement to chase her dreams and strive for the best version of herself. The special bond she shares with her siblings goes beyond familial ties – they are her confidants and pillars of strength. Through the highs and lows of life, they have stood by each other, creating an unbreakable sibling bond.

The influence of her family has played a significant role in shaping Ka Ho into the person she is today. Their love and support have been instrumental, and she holds deep gratitude for the foundation of care and encouragement they have provided throughout her journey.

Ka Ho Cho  Marriage to Redd Foxx

Ka Ho Cho  Marriage to Redd Foxx

Ka Ho experienced a unique and special marriage with the renowned comedian Redd Foxx. Their time together was brief, lasting only three months before Redd Foxx’s passing, but it was filled with love, laughter, and a profound connection. As a team, Ka Ho Cho and Redd Foxx supported and cared for each other, creating a bond that remains etched in memory.

Despite the brevity of their union, the love between Ka Ho and Redd Foxx is enduring. The cherished memories and the love they shared are moments that Ka Ho holds close to her heart. In honoring Redd Foxx’s legacy, she actively keeps his memory alive, a testament to the deep and lasting impact they had on each other.

While their marriage may have been short-lived, the impact they left on each other’s lives is everlasting. Ka Ho will forever recall Redd Foxx as a loving husband and a brilliant comedian. Their love story, though brief, was a chapter filled with joy and happiness that continues to resonate in Ka Ho’s heart.

What happend After The Death Of  Redd Foxx’s

What happend After The Death Of  Redd Foxx’s 

After just three months of marriage, tragedy struck in Ka Ho Cho’s life with the untimely passing of her beloved husband, the renowned comedian Redd Foxx. This heartbreaking event left Ka Ho devastated, navigating the challenging journey of grief and loss.

Despite the profound sadness that engulfed her, Ka Ho discovered a reservoir of strength within herself to honor Redd Foxx’s legacy and preserve his memory. In her recollections, he remains a loving husband and a brilliant comedian, and she holds dear the memories they created together.

The aftermath of Redd Foxx’s departure presented a daunting challenge for Ka Ho as she adjusted to a life without him. However, in the face of adversity, she demonstrated resilience and continued to thrive. Redd Foxx’s impact on her life is an indelible mark, and Ka Ho Cho’s love for him endures eternally.

Know About Redd Foxx

Know About Redd Foxx

John Elroy Sanford, born on December 9, 1922, in St. Louis, Missouri, had his roots firmly planted in the vibrant streets of Chicago’s South Side. Raised amidst the diverse tapestry of his family, his father, Fred “Freddie” Sanford, hailed from Hickman, Kentucky, and served in the U.S. Transportation Corps during World War I. An electrician and auto mechanic, Fred eventually left the family after 1930.

In the absence of his father, John, also known as Redd Foxx, was nurtured by his half-Seminole mother, Mary Hughes, alongside his grandmother and minister. Growing up, he attended DuSable High School in Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood, where he shared halls with future Chicago mayor Harold Washington. Despite facing the challenges of a fractured family, Foxx found camaraderie and friendship with Malcolm Little, later renowned as Malcolm X, during their days as dishwashers at Jimmy’s Chicken Shack in Harlem.

Their unique connection, fueled by their distinctive reddish hair, led to Sanford being affectionately dubbed “Chicago Red” and Malcolm being known as “Detroit Red.” In Malcolm’s recollections, Foxx was hailed as “the funniest dishwasher on this earth.” Amid the complexities of World War II, Foxx avoided the draft through a memorable trick—consuming half a bar of soap before his physical, resulting in heart palpitations.

Moving into the post-war era, specifically on September 30, 1946, Foxx ventured into the realm of music, recording five songs for the Savoy label under the guidance of Teddy Reig. These formative years paint a vivid picture of Redd Foxx’s journey, shaped by humor, resilience, and a touch of irreverence.

Cause Of Death

Cause Of Death

On a seemingly ordinary day, October 11, 1991, the set of “The Royal Family ” bore witness to an unexpected turn of events that would forever alter the course of Redd Foxx’s life. Amidst rehearsals, Foxx, immersed in conversation with an Entertainment Tonight reporter, experienced a heart attack. The scene he was slated for wasn’t ready, and as he and Della Reese rehearsed, a producer, engaged in a dispute with Foxx over the nuances of humor, insisted on his presence.

Foxx, devoid of any lines in the scene, executed his scripted part with visible frustration, walking across the back of a chair. Yet, in a moment that blurred the lines between reality and the comedic flair he was known for, he collapsed to the floor. Reese, initially unaware of the severity, joined him on the floor when he didn’t rise immediately and heard his urgent plea, “get my wife,” uttered twice.

Paramedics were summoned, with castmates briefly grappling with the irony, given Foxx’s history of faking coronaries as Fred Sanford on “Sanford and Son.” Even Eddie Murphy, a producer on the show, acknowledged Foxx as the “most naturally funny person” he’d encountered. Foxx, temporarily resuscitated, was swiftly transported to Queen of Angels Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center. Unfortunately, after four and a half hours of medical efforts, he was pronounced dead.

The final chapter of Redd Foxx’s journey finds him laid to rest at Palm Memorial Park, also known as Palm Eastern Cemetery, in Las Vegas. His mother, Mary Sanford Carson, outlived him by two years, enduring her own health battles before peacefully joining her son in 1993. Together, they rest side by side, a poignant reflection of a comedic legacy and the bond that transcends even the final act.

Ka Ho Cho  Legacy and Impact

Ka Ho Cho  Legacy and Impact

Ka Ho Cho’s influence extends far beyond the brevity of her time with Redd Foxx. In the short span they shared, she etched a profound mark on those who crossed her path. Her story becomes a testament to the resilience of love even in the face of loss, showcasing the enduring power it holds.

Beyond the personal realm, Ka Ho has made noteworthy contributions to the entertainment industry, earning the respect and admiration of her peers. Her journey emphasizes the rewards that come with unwavering dedication and hard work, offering a beacon of inspiration for aspiring individuals.

Yet, perhaps the most impactful aspect of Ka Ho Cho’s legacy is revealed in the love and support she generously bestows upon her family. Whether it’s her parents, siblings, or cherished canine companions, they stand as perpetual sources of joy and inspiration in her life. Through this unwavering love, Ka Ho imparts a profound lesson on the significance of family bonds and the transformative power of unconditional love.

In essence, Ka Ho Cho’s legacy is a narrative of inspiration, touching the hearts of both young and old. Her presence remains a gift, enriching the lives of those fortunate enough to know her. We find ourselves privileged to share in the warmth of her influence.

Interesting Facts 

Ka Ho has a passion for exploring new destinations and soaking in the diverse cultures they offer. Her love for travel has taken her to numerous countries worldwide, allowing her to savor the unique experiences each place has to offer.

  • Ka Ho is a devoted animal lover, surrounded by the company of dogs and cats whom she adores and cares for deeply.
  • Her love for literature shines through as an avid reader, exploring a diverse collection of books across different genres.
  • With a passion for culinary adventures, Ka Ho is a food enthusiast who delights in trying out new cuisines and experimenting with various recipes in her leisure time.
  • Committed to making a positive impact, she actively engages in charity work and community service, lending her support to various organizations dedicated to helping those in need.
  • Recognizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle, Ka Ho stays active through activities like yoga and hiking, emphasizing the significance of both physical and mental well-being.
  • A talented painter, she expresses her creativity through art, creating beautiful paintings that she joyfully shares with others.
  • A fan of Redd Foxx’s comedy, Ka Ho finds joy in watching his shows, appreciating the timeless humor that never fails to bring laughter.

Ka Ho Cho’s Net worth 

Ka Ho Cho’s Net worth 

Ka Ho Cho’s financial status is not publicly disclosed, and there is no estimated net worth available. The lifestyle maintained by her late husband, Redd Foxx, was extravagant and came with significant financial challenges, leading to substantial debts.

Following Redd Foxx’s passing, Ka Ho Cho found herself entangled in a legal dispute with Foxx’s child regarding his estate. The disagreement stemmed from allegations that Debraca, Foxx’s child, was mishandling revenue instead of addressing the existing tax debt. Despite a court order to provide an account of the estate’s finances, Debraca did not comply, prolonging the legal battle.

After years of legal proceedings, Ka Ho Cho eventually secured a portion of Redd Foxx’s estate. Since then, she has chosen to maintain a low profile, with limited information available about her current activities or whereabouts.

People Also Ask 

Q. Who is Ka Ho Cho?

Ka Ho Cho is more than just a name; she’s a South Korean-American celebrity renowned as the fourth and final wife of the iconic American comedian, Redd Foxx, also known as John Elroy Sanford.

Q. What is known about Ka Ho Cho’s early life?

In the tapestry of Ka Ho Cho’s life, the threads of her early years were woven in Seoul, South Korea, where she was born in 1959. While much of her childhood story unfolded in the eastern country, the specific details about her early life and family remain a closely guarded chapter.

Q. How long was Ka Ho Cho married to Redd Foxx?

The union of Ka Ho Cho and Redd Foxx was a fleeting three-month journey that concluded with the untimely passing of the legendary comedian.

Q. What is Ka Ho Cho’s legacy and impact?

Ka Ho Cho’s legacy extends beyond the realms of celebrity marriages. It is marked by enduring love, resilience in the face of loss, notable contributions to the entertainment industry, and a profound appreciation for the bonds of family.

Q. Is there information about Ka Ho Cho’s net worth?

The financial veil surrounding Ka Ho Cho remains intact, as her net worth is not publicly disclosed. Post Redd Foxx’s departure, she navigated a legal dispute over his estate, eventually securing a portion of it, a chapter that adds complexity to her life’s narrative.


Ka Ho Cho’s journey unfolds as a poignant narrative of love, resilience, and lasting impact. In the short span of her marriage to Redd Foxx and her noteworthy contributions to the entertainment world, she emerges as a source of inspiration. Her steadfast love for family and a myriad of interests paints a portrait of strength, even in the face of legal hurdles. Ka Ho Cho’s story is a testament to the enduring nature of the human spirit, etching a profound impression on the hearts of those fortunate enough to know her.

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