Luh Tyler Height: How Tall Is Luh Tyler?

 Luh Tyler Height

 5 feet 6 inches

luh tyler height

Luh Tyler Height

Luh Tyler, with a height of 5 feet 6 inches and a weight of around 50 kg, carries a slender physique. Sporting curly brown hair and black eyes, he is known for his distinctive style, often seen in printed t-shirts, hoodies, baggy pants, and ripped jeans. Embracing a youthful look, Tyler is fond of funky outfits, complementing his baby face. Notably, he gained attention for adorning flawless VVS diamonds on his yellow-gold teeth on his 17th birthday, a moment captured in a video by @gleefullgrillzjewelry. Beyond his fashion choices, Luh actively promotes clothing brands like @checkchaserlifestyle and Hood Superstar Apparel through his Instagram, engaging with fans through images, videos, and giveaways.

Height Table Of Luh Tyler 

Measurement SystemHeight
Centimeters (cm)168 cm
Meters (m)1.68 m
Feet and Inches5’6″
Inches66 inches
Millimeters (mm)1,680 mm

Who is Luh Tyler? 

Who is Luh Tyler? 

Since his debut on February 20, 2006, Luh Tyler has swiftly become a prominent figure in the music scene, carving his niche as a rapper and songwriter from the United States. With a catalog that boasts hits like “Back Flippin,” “Law & Order,” “A Day in the NOYA,” and “Fat Racks,” his impact on the music industry has been nothing short of remarkable. What’s even more impressive is that his journey to fame unfolded in just over a year, highlighting the swift and widespread recognition he has gained across the United States. Despite his relatively short time in the music scene, Luh Tyler’s talent and artistic flair have left an enduring mark on audiences, establishing him as a rising star in the dynamic realms of hip-hop and rap.

Quick Bio

NameLuh Tyler
Real NameTyler Meeks
Birth DateBorn 20 February 2002
BirthplaceTallahassee, Florida, United States of America
Zodiac SignPisces
ProfessionRapper and songwriter
Net Worth$1 million USD as of 2023
SisterMcKenzie Meeks
SchoolPrivate High School
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorBrown
Famous ForMusic

Luh Tyler Age

Measurement SystemAge
Age17 years old (as of 2023)
Date of BirthFebruary 20, 2006

At the age of 17, Luh Tyler, born on February 20, 2006, ventured into the world of rap when he was just 16. Influenced by the rappers he grew up listening to, he decided to embark on a musical journey. According to Famous Birthdays, Luh falls under the zodiac sign of Pisces. Online reports highlight him among the cohort of young rappers who initiated their musical careers early, joining the ranks of artists like d4vd, Brooklyn Queen, Hayden Summerall, and others.

Luh Tyler  Weight

Luh Tyler  Weight
Measurement SystemWeight
Kilograms (kg)50 kg
Pounds (lbs)110 lbs

Luh Tyler embodies a physique that harmonizes with his lively personality. Standing at 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm) and weighing 50 kg (110 lbs), he boasts a slender and well-maintained frame, a testament to his commitment to a healthy lifestyle. His distinctive features include brown eyes and light brown hair, adding to the charm of his overall appearance within the hip-hop scene.

Luh Tyler Education

Exploring Luh Tyler’s educational background unveils an interesting chapter in his journey. Commencing his academic endeavors in a private high school in his hometown, Luh Tyler encountered a pivotal crossroad. Driven by an unwavering passion and ambitious aspirations within the realm of music, he made the audacious choice to set forth on his musical career while still navigating the halls of high school. This bold decision showcased not just a commitment to his craft but also a resolute determination to chase his dreams early on in life, setting the stage for the unique trajectory of his burgeoning music career.

Luh Tyler Parents and Siblings

Luh Tyler Parents and Siblings

Luh Tyler’s roots trace back to an American family where he spent his formative years alongside his sister. While he keeps the details of his parents, including their names and professions, private, he does share a special bond with his sister, McKenzie Meeks. Known as a prominent figure in social media and TikTok, McKenzie has carved her path as an influencer, adding a touch of stardom to the family dynamic. Luh Tyler’s choice to keep certain aspects of his family life confidential reflects his inclination towards maintaining a degree of privacy in the public eye.

Luh Tyler’s  Professional Career

Luh Tyler’s  Professional Career

Luh Tyler’s journey into the rap scene is a tale of passion and musical exploration. Growing up immersed in rap music, the young artist made a decisive move to venture into the realm of rap music in mid-2022. His debut single, “5 On It Freestyle,” released on August 6 under the label 4196999 Records DK, marked the beginning of his official musical odyssey.

Before this debut, Luh Tyler had shared several tracks on his YouTube channel, including noteworthy titles like “Planet Fitness,” “Law & Order,” and “Jayda, Wayda.” However, it was the single “Law & Order” that truly caught fire, garnering widespread popularity and over four million views on its accompanying music video within two months.

Buoyed by the success of “Law & Order,” Luh Tyler continued his creative streak, releasing tracks like “Cloud 9,” “Cut The Fan On,” “I Gotta Slide,” “Moon,” “Fat Racks,” and “Can’t Even Name Dis.” The momentum persisted with the release of “Law & Order pt. 2,” a collaboration with 50jittsteppa that amassed over a million Spotify streams in mere months.

In December 2022, Luh Tyler elevated his presence with the release of the music video for “Back Flippin,” one of his standout singles. The song’s success extended across YouTube and Spotify, boasting over a million streams. Such triumphs prompted the release of a remix version on January 11, 2023, showcasing the rapid and impactful trajectory of Luh Tyler’s burgeoning rap career.

His Songs, Albums, and Playlist

PlatformRelease DateTrack
SpotifyFeb 17, 2023Can’t Move Wrong (with Trapland Pat)
Spotify2022-2023Back Flippin
Spotify2022-2023Law And Order Pt 2
Spotify2022-2023Fat Racks
Spotify2022-2023Jayda Wayda
Spotify2022-2023A Days In The Noya
Spotify2022-2023I Gotta Slide
Spotify2022-2023Back Flippin (Fast) ft DJ Frisco954
SoundcloudLatest Releases
Apple MusicLatest Releases
YouTube (Official)Mar 2023Fat Rack Part 2 (feat. Baby Tron)

Luh Tyler Personal Life 

Luh Tyler, at his young age, is not yet married and is currently single. The rising rap sensation seems to prioritize his music career above all else, as the recent surge in his popularity has propelled him from relative obscurity to widespread recognition in just a few months. This swift ascent suggests that his focus is on honing his craft and releasing more music, with the belief that relationships might serve as distractions.

While Luh Tyler’s relationship status is currently single, it’s worth noting that, given his rapid rise to fame, there might have been past relationships that aren’t publicly disclosed. As for his background, he boasts a mixed ethnicity and holds American citizenship. Despite his growing prominence, Luh Tyler maintains a private stance regarding his family, keeping details about his father, mother, and siblings away from the public eye.

Luh Tyler Tour

Jun 20Los Angeles (LA), CA, USThe Echo
Jun 22Brooklyn, NY, USMarket Hotel
Jun 23Bridgeview, IL, USLyrical Lemonade Summer Smash
Jun 25Dallas, TX, USThe Cambridge Room at House Of Blues
Jun 27Durham, NC, USMotorco Music Hall
Jun 28Atlanta, GA, USThe Masquerade – Purgatory
Jun 30Orlando, FL, USThe Social
Jul 1Ybor City, FL, USCrowbar
Jul 5Portimão, PortugalRolling Loud Portugal
Jul 7Munich, GermanyRolling Loud Germany
Jul 11London, UKColours
Jul 21Covington, KY, USMadison Theater
Jul 21Miami, FL, USRolling Loud: Miami
Jul 31Detroit, MI, USLittle Caesars Arena
Aug 3Orlando, FL, USAmway Center
Aug 4Atlanta, GA, USState Farm Arena
Aug 6Charlotte, NC, USSpectrum Center
Aug 8New York (NYC), NY, USTerminal 5
Aug 10Philadelphia, PA, USLiacouras Center
Aug 11Washington, DC, USCapital One Arena
Aug 13Nashville, TN, USBridgestone Arena
Aug 17Providence, RI, USAmica Mutual Pavilion
Aug 17Indianapolis, IN, USBankers Life Fieldhouse
Aug 18Cincinnati, OH, USHeritage Bank Center
Aug 19Chicago, IL, USWintrust Arena
Aug 25St Louis, MO, USChaifetz Arena
Aug 27Milwaukee, WI, USFiserv Forum
Aug 29Denver, CO, USMission Ballroom
Sep 1Los Angeles (LA), CA, USThe Novo
Sep 7Birmingham, AL, USLegacy Arena at the BJCC
Sep 9Fort Worth, TX, USDickies Arena
Sep 10Houston, TX, USToyota Center
Sep 12Seattle, WA, USShowbox SoDo
Sep 14Oakland, CA, USFox Theater
Sep 16Petersburg, VA, USVirginia State University (VSU)
Sep 30Memphis, TN, USFedEx Forum

Facts About Luh Tyler

Facts About Luh Tyler
  • Luh Tyler, born Tyler Meeks, is a 17-year-old American rapper and songwriter.
  • He gained fame through his hit single “Law & Order” and is known for his contributions to the rap genre.
  • Born on February 20, 2002, Luh Tyler falls under the Pisces zodiac sign.
  • Despite maintaining a public profile, he keeps details about his parents private.
  • Luh Tyler has a sister named McKenzie Meeks, who is a social media influencer and TikTok star.
  • McKenzie often appears with her brother and shares snippets of their lives in Tallahassee, Florida.
  • Luh Tyler attended a private high school in his hometown but opted to drop out to pursue a full-time career in music.
  • Notable songs in his discography include “Law & Order,” “Fat Racks,” and “Back Flippin,” amassing millions of views and streams.

Luh Tyler Instagram

Luh Tyler Instagram

Luh Tyler is quite active on Instagram, where you can find him under the handle luhtyler_. On this platform, he generously shares a mix of captivating photos, engaging videos, and updates related to his music concerts and events. His Instagram account offers fans an exclusive peek into the personal and professional aspects of his life, unveiling the behind-the-scenes moments that shape his musical journey. Boasting a substantial following, Luh Tyler has amassed over 1 million fans on Instagram, fostering a lively and interactive community that passionately follows and cheers on his artistic endeavors. It stands as a dynamic hub where fans can effortlessly stay connected with Luh Tyler and stay in the loop about his latest exploits in the music industry.

Luh Tyler YouTube


Luh Tyler has made a significant mark on YouTube, cultivating a channel that resonates with a wide audience. Since debuting on the platform on June 15, 2022, his channel has seen remarkable growth, attracting over 327,000 subscribers who enthusiastically engage with his diverse content. Across more than 103 videos, Luh Tyler shares not only his music releases but also provides behind-the-scenes glimpses and, perhaps, personal insights into his life. The substantial viewership and subscriber count underscore the popularity and influence of Luh Tyler’s presence on YouTube, offering fans an additional space to connect with his creative journey. To stay in the loop with his latest releases and content, fans can explore and subscribe to Luh Tyler’s YouTube channel.

Luh Tyler Age Net Worth

Luh Tyler Age Net Worth

Luh Tyler has crafted an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2023, predominantly shaped by his thriving career as a professional rapper and songwriter. His financial prosperity finds additional momentum through his active involvement in a multitude of concerts and live performances. Luh Tyler’s success is a testament to both his artistic talent and unwavering dedication to the music industry. Beyond earning acclaim, he has solidified a robust financial standing. The fusion of income from his musical pursuits and the revenue generated from connecting with his audience in live settings contributes significantly to his overall net worth. This financial achievement mirrors not only his creative prowess but also the substantial impact he has left on the landscape of hip-hop.

Wrapping Up

In wrapping up, Luh Tyler emerges as a rising star in the dynamic world of hip-hop and rap, portraying a compelling journey characterized by early triumphs and steadfast commitment. From the chart-topping singles like “Law & Order” to his flourishing YouTube channel and a growing social media following, Luh Tyler’s influence is on a rapid ascent. At the tender age of 17, he has notched significant achievements, leaving an imprint in both the music industry and online realms. Opting for a full-time music career over conventional schooling underscores his dedication to his craft, propelling him swiftly into the limelight.

With a magnetic online persona, a thriving YouTube presence, and a substantial net worth, Luh Tyler stands as a promising talent poised for a luminous future. The confluence of his artistic ingenuity, financial triumphs, and widespread acclaim establishes him as a notable figure shaping the contemporary music scene. As fans eagerly await his upcoming releases and ventures, Luh Tyler’s trajectory in the music industry remains a captivating narrative worth following.

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