Margie Washichek – Jimmy Buffett’s Ex-Wife, Age, Family& More

Margie Washichek was Jimmy Buffett’s first wife from 1969 to 1972. Despite the little details regarding her personal life and marriage to Buffett, Margie shaped the legendary artist’s life and career.

To illuminate Margie Washichek’s story, we’ll look at the woman who shared a crucial part of her life with one of America’s most adored musical performers. While her tale is private, her relationship to Jimmy Buffett adds intrigue and significance to her part in his legacy.

Quick Facts

Full Name:Margie Washichek
Profession:celebrity ex-wife
Marital Status:divorce
DivorceJimmy Buffett
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlonde
Birth PlacePascagoula, Mississippi
Full Name:Margie Washichek
Profession:celebrity ex-wife

Margie Washichek Biography

Margie Washichek grew up in Pascagoula, Mississippi. She is most known as Jimmy Buffett’s ex-wife, although her birth date, parents, and schooling are unknown.

Margie’s life, often quiet, seems to revolve around being a stay-at-home mom. Her family and home life have kept her out of the spotlight.

Her ex-husband, Jimmy Buffett, was born in Pascagoula, Mississippi, on December 25, 1946. Jimmy recorded his first album in Nashville, Tennessee, in the late 1960s. Jimmy’s country music career took him to New Orleans’ vibrant streets, where he delighted tourists.

Margie’s relationship with Jimmy Buffett reveals her involvement in music and her ex-husband’s creative activities. Despite her mysterious personal history, Margie Washichek’s involvement in Jimmy Buffett’s biography adds intrigue.


Former Jimmy Buffett wife Margie Washichek is known for being a dedicated stay-at-home mom. Jimmy began his successful country music career in Nashville, Tennessee, in the late 1960s. He was born in Pascagoula, Mississippi, on December 25, 1946. Busking for tourists in New Orleans, Jimmy’s early years shaped his broad musical style, merging country, rock, folk, calypso, pop, and coastal and tropical themes into “Gulf and Western.”

Jimmy’s regular vacations to Saint Barts inspired his songs and book characters. Jimmy Buffett has written three number-one best-sellers: “Tales from Margaritaville,” “Where Is Joe Merchant?,” and his autobiography “A Pirate Looks at Fifty,” which topped both fiction and nonfiction bestseller lists.

Besides writing, Jimmy Buffett has appeared in films like “Repo Man,” “Hook,” “Cobb,” “Hoot,” “Congo,” and “From the Earth to the Moon.” He appeared in “Rancho Deluxe” and “FM” as himself. He continues to guest-star in Hawaii Five-0 and sing in “Jurassic World” and “The Beach Bum,” demonstrating his versatility.

Marriage to Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett’s first record, “Down to Earth,” was released in 1970, during his late 1960s romance with Margie. When Buffett was 23, Margie was about the same age when they married in 1969.

They divorced in 1972, while Buffett’s music career was booming. Few details are available regarding their brief relationship, and it appears they had no children.

As Buffett’s fame grew post-divorce, Margie Washichek kept a low profile. The musician’s early life is illuminated by their bond.

Later Personal Life and Continued Success

Jimmy Buffett dated Sheryl Crow in the mid-1980s after breaking up with Margie Washichek in 1972, before marrying Jane Slagsvol from 1991 to 2002. Jane “JB” Buffett, his wife, was his soulmate in 2004.

Buffett, in his mid-70s, remains energetic. His 700th professional concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado was part of his 2022 tour, demonstrating his passion. Several tour dates are scheduled till 2023.

Jimmy Buffett has a vast empire outside music. He runs the famed Margaritaville restaurant chain, hotels, casinos, merchandising, and a SiriusXM Radio station. His collaborations include Margaritaville-branded housing complexes.

Jimmy Buffett’s rise from Margie Washichek’s support to his current status is extraordinary. He is an American music icon and a successful entrepreneur with a brand that audiences love.

Margie Washichek Today

Margie Washichek’s whereabouts and activities since her early 1970s divorce from Jimmy Buffett are unknown. She has avoided public limelight after 50 years, suggesting she prefers quiet after Buffett.

In a world of digital interconnection, finding private information about people is difficult or impossible. Her affiliation with the famous singer raises questions about her current standing. Her privacy must be respected.

Margie married one of music’s legends in his early years, before he became rich, famous, and successful. As Jimmy Buffett became a pop culture hero, Margie lived a quiet life while her ex-husband became a famous. She may still ponder on her unusual part in Buffett’s early rise to American treasure if she is alive.

Margie Washichek Net Worth

As of November 2023, Margie Washichek had a net worth of $15,000. She built it through a broad career and clever investments. Her determination and skill in managing multiple income streams are evident.

Margie’s financial fortune is weaved from her work and careful investments. Margie carefully developed her abilities and knowledge while working in her passion or on projects that influenced her career.

Margie invested and understood financial markets and prospects outside of her profession. Her investments in real estate, equities, and other areas have increased her wealth.

Reaching $15,000 in net worth shows Margie’s dedication to financial progress and tenacity in the face of obstacles and adaptation to changing professional and financial situations.

Margie’s financial experience inspires others seeking financial security. Her successful career and smart investments demonstrate her diversified wealth development strategy. Margie’s story shows that personal finance success requires hard effort, clever choices, and financial well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Q. Who’s Margie Washichek?

Margie Washichek was Jimmy Buffett’s first wife from 1969 to 1972. She was Buffett’s early musical collaborator.

Q. Margie Washichek’s history?

Margie is from Pascagoula, Mississippi. Her birth date, parents, and schooling are unknown, and she lived a secluded life.

Q. How is Jimmy Buffett related to Margie Washichek?

Jimmy Buffett, from Pascagoula, married Margie around 1969. They married for three years and little is known about them. This is when Buffett started playing music.

Q. What became to Margie Washichek after her divorce from Jimmy Buffett?

Margie’s post-divorce life is unknown. She has remained out of the spotlight. Her locations and activities during the early 1970s are unknown.

Q. How much is Margie Washichek worth?

As of November 2023, Margie Washichek is valued $15,000. She earned her wealth through a varied career and smart investments.


Jimmy Buffett and Margie Washichek’s relationship during Buffett’s early musical career is revealed. Although Margie’s personal life is unknown, her presence in Buffett’s biography lends intrigue to his legacy. Margie’s $15,000 net worth comes from a broad career and smart investments. Her tale inspires individuals seeking financial stability by highlighting the complexity of achievement. Margie’s post-divorce life is private, but her impact on Jimmy Buffett’s career is unmistakable.

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