Is Alex Lagina Married? Know About His Wife Miriam Amirault 

Alex Lagina and Miriam Amirault, well-known personalities in the reality television landscape, first connected on the set of “The Curse of Oak Island.” Recent buzz and discussions among the public suggest rumors of their wedding.

This article aims to investigate and clarify the speculation surrounding Alex Lagina and Mariam Amirault’s purported wedding. Through a thorough examination of details and consultation of reliable sources, we intend to ascertain the validity of these rumors. Additionally, the piece will shed light on the couple’s net worth, providing readers with a more holistic understanding of their current relationship status and financial standing.

Who is Miriam Amirault?

Who is Miriam Amirault?

Miriam Amirault’s unexpected exit from her role as an archaeologist during Season 9 of the immensely popular television series, “The Curse of Oak Island,” took fans by surprise. Renowned for her dynamic personality and infectious enthusiasm for new adventures, Miriam quickly endeared herself to the show’s dedicated audience.

The announcement of her departure evoked disappointment among fans, echoing sentiments of surprise and sadness at the void left by Miriam’s absence. Her exit became a significant moment for followers of “The Curse of Oak Island,” prompting discussions about the impact of her departure on the show’s dynamics and the unpredictable twists inherent in reality television.

Miriam’s rapid rise to fan-favorite status underscored the profound effect of her vibrant contributions to the series. Her departure not only left an emotional imprint on viewers but also sparked conversations about the evolving narrative of “The Curse of Oak Island.” Miriam Amirault’s exit stands as a memorable chapter in the show’s history, shaping the ongoing discourse among its dedicated fanbase.

Biography Of  Miriam Amirault

Miriam Amirault, a vibrant archaeologist, earned honors in Anthropology with a specialization in Classical Studies from the University of New Brunswick in 2020. Originally from Digby, Nova Scotia, her archaeological journey took root during university, particularly through participation in excavations in Cuba. This experience served as a pivotal point, solidifying her passion for the field.

Her foray into the limelight occurred when Dr. Aaron Taylor, who led the excavations, invited her to join the team for the History Channel’s documentary series, “The Curse of Oak Island,” making her debut in Season 8. Despite not holding a central role, Miriam swiftly became a fan favorite, gracing approximately forty episodes of the reality show. Beyond her archaeological endeavors, Miriam revealed an interest in forensics, with plans to pursue further studies in the subject at Humber College in Toronto after her involvement with “The Curse of Oak Island.” Her versatility, openness to new experiences, and dynamic presence contribute to her popularity both on and off-screen.

Who is Alex Lagina?

Who is Alex Lagina?

Alex Lagina, a prominent figure in the world of reality television, was born in Traverse, Michigan, USA, in 1987. Beyond his identity as an engineer and businessman, he has garnered widespread recognition for his role as a reality TV personality. However, he is most celebrated for his participation in the popular series “The Curse of Oak Island,” where he collaborates with his father, Marty Lagina, and Uncle Rick Lagina in unraveling the island’s enduring mysteries.

In the realm of “The Curse of Oak Island,” Alex Lagina’s expertise and determination come to the forefront as he confronts the intricate challenges woven into the island’s enigmatic history. Alongside his family, he embarks on a compelling journey to unveil age-old mysteries and discover concealed treasures, captivating audiences with each revelation. His contributions to the show not only showcase his engineering and business skills but also illuminate his deep-seated passion for exploration and discovery, endearing him to fans of the series.

Alex Lagina Wiki

Full NameAlexander Holte Lagina
Year Of Birth1987
Age36 years old (As of 2023)
ParentsMartin G. Lagina and Margaret Olivia Lagina
SiblingsMadeline M. Lagina
Alex Lagina wifeNot Known
ProfessionReality TV Star and Manager of Mari Vineyards Wine
Net Worth$10 Million

Alex Lagina Professional Career

Alex Lagina, a prominent figure in the television industry and a successful entrepreneur, is widely recognized for his role as a co-star on the immensely popular reality TV show, “The Curse of Oak Island.” Beyond his television career, Alex is the visionary founder of Mari Vineyards, an acclaimed winery situated in Traverse City, Michigan.

Through Mari Vineyards, Alex has garnered acclaim for producing exceptional wines and crafting a unique experience for wine enthusiasts. While formal accolades may not adorn his achievements, Alex’s impactful contributions to “The Curse of Oak Island” and his triumphs as a businessman have earned him respect and recognition within both the television and wine industries.

What Happened to Miriam on Oak Island?

What Happened to Miriam on Oak Island?

Miriam, the archaeologist from “The Curse of Oak Island,” unexpectedly bid farewell in Season 9, leaving fans disheartened. Regarded as one of the most significant disappointments, her departure sparked speculation among viewers, giving rise to hopes for her potential return through flashback footage. Despite the uncertainty about her future appearances on the show, fans fervently expressed their desire to see her make a comeback.

A native of Digby, Nova Scotia, Miriam, though playing a relatively small role, captured considerable attention and support. Her educational background included work as an archaeologist at the University of New Brunswick, having recently graduated from UNB Archeology. Miriam’s departure left fans wondering about her next steps, united in their hope for her happiness and success beyond “The Curse of Oak Island.”

Alex Lagina and Miriam Amirault’s Wedding

As of our latest information, there has been no official confirmation about whether Alex Lagina and Miriam Amirault have exchanged vows, leaving room for speculation and anticipation regarding the potential development of their relationship.

Adding to the intrigue, rumors have surfaced suggesting that Alex might be romantically involved with Katherine Sneed, a notable fashion blogger and social media personality. The speculated couple, if the rumors hold true, seems to share glimpses of their life together through frequent online posts, particularly showcasing their adventures during vacations.

This new layer of a rumored romance between Alex Lagina and Katherine Sneed adds an intriguing aspect to the ongoing curiosity surrounding the personal lives of these television personalities. Fans and followers are likely to keep a keen eye on any developments that may offer insights into the relationships and romantic connections of these dynamic individuals.

What is Miriam Amirault Doing Now?

Miriam, the archaeologist who played a prominent role on “The Curse of Oak Island,” left fans disheartened with her sudden departure during Season 9, marking one of the most significant emotional moments of the series.

The unexpected exit sparked widespread speculation among viewers, leading them to contemplate the potential return of Miriam through flashback footage or other creative means. Despite the uncertainty surrounding her future appearances on the show, fans passionately expressed their resolute desire to witness her back in action, emphasizing the profound impact she had on the series.

Hailing from Digby, Nova Scotia, Miriam, despite playing a relatively small role, managed to capture considerable attention and support from the show’s dedicated audience. Her departure became a poignant moment in the narrative, and the anticipation for her potential return only intensified, showcasing the lasting impression Miriam Amirault made on “The Curse of Oak Island” viewers.

Alex Lagina and Miriam Amirault’s Wedding Unveiled

Alex Lagina and Miriam Amirault's Wedding Unveiled

Recent wedding photos of Alex Lagina and Miriam Amirault have surfaced on social media, sparking speculation and discussions among fans about whether the duo has officially tied the knot.

Enthusiastic fans have eagerly delved into conversations, speculating about the potential romantic and marital status of Alex Lagina and Miriam Amirault. The noticeable chemistry displayed on-screen during “The Curse of Oak Island” has fueled suspicions among enthusiasts, hinting at a possible connection beyond their professional collaboration on the popular TV series.

Despite their on-screen camaraderie, Miriam Amirault has opted to keep her romantic history private, adding an extra layer of mystery to the duo’s relationship. The current status of their connection remains ambiguous, leaving fans in suspense and pondering whether they are married or involved in a romantic relationship.

Known for their commitment to maintaining a low profile regarding personal matters, Alex Lagina and Miriam Amirault have successfully avoided extensive discussions on social media and with the media at large. Their discreet approach only intensifies the intrigue surrounding their relationship, leaving followers eagerly anticipating any future revelations from the private lives of these television personalities.

Alex Lagina Net Worth

As of my last knowledge update in January 2024, specific details regarding Alex Lagina’s net worth, income, and total assets were not publicly disclosed. It’s essential to acknowledge that net worth estimations can vary, and they are often speculative.

Alex Lagina gained prominence through his participation in the reality TV series “The Curse of Oak Island,” which chronicles the Lagina family’s quest for treasure on Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. The show’s success, combined with any potential business ventures or investments by Alex, may contribute to his overall net worth.

Since my information is not current, I recommend checking the latest sources, financial reports, or official announcements for the most accurate and up-to-date information on Alex Lagina’s net worth and financial status.

Miriam Amirault Instagram

Miriam Amirault seems to be absent from Instagram, a widely popular platform for sharing personal insights and experiences. The saying goes that one can gain insights into a person’s life by exploring their social media pages, with Instagram being a prominent source for such information. However, the absence of an Instagram account for Miriam leaves fans and curious observers with limited avenues to peek into her personal life.

It’s important to consider that individuals may use variations of their names or adopt pseudonyms on social media, making it challenging to locate them through conventional searches. Despite efforts to uncover Miriam’s Instagram presence using typical resources, it appears she has chosen to maintain a more private stance on this particular platform. This decision aligns with her overall approach of keeping her personal life away from the public eye.

People Also Ask 

1.  Are Alex Lagina and Miriam Amirault married?

There hasn’t been any official confirmation regarding their marriage, leaving room for speculation.

2. Is Miriam Amirault on Instagram?

No, Miriam Amirault isn’t active on Instagram, choosing to maintain a more private presence on social media.

3. What happened to Miriam on “The Curse of Oak Island”?

Miriam, the archaeologist, made an unexpected exit during Season 9, leading to speculation and a strong desire among fans for her potential return.

4. Is Alex Lagina romantically involved with Katherine Sneed?

There are rumors circulating about a romantic involvement between Alex Lagina and Katherine Sneed, a fashion blogger, adding an element of intrigue to discussions about their personal lives.

5. What is Alex Lagina’s net worth?

Specific details about Alex Lagina’s net worth remain undisclosed as of the latest available information.


In summary, the relationship status between Alex Lagina and Miriam Amirault remains shrouded in speculation, with swirling rumors of a possible wedding and other romantic connections adding layers of mystery. Miriam’s unexpected departure from “The Curse of Oak Island” has left fans eagerly anticipating the possibility of her return. Both individuals, known for keeping a low profile, continue to guard their personal lives, stirring curiosity among their followers. The article offers insights into their backgrounds, the uncertainties surrounding Miriam’s exit, and the ongoing enigma of their private lives, leaving fans on the edge of their seats for any future revelations.

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