Everything You Need To Know About Crip Mac

American rapper Crip Mac is well known for 55th Street. He became famous after releasing the songs. He became famous through YouTube and Spotify, where he has hundreds of thousands of streams.

Crip Mac fights and gets arrested in addition to rapping. In reality, he was badly battered recently. He shared it on Facebook, making it viral. After being busted for narcotics possession, the rapper was incarcerated. Crip Mac has many social media fans interested in his personal and professional life. Today, we cover Crip Mac’s birthdate, real name, age, height, and more. Let’s begin immediately.

Quick Facts 

Full NameCrip Mac
Age30 years old
Zodiac signPisces
Marital StatusSingle
Net Worth$1 million

Early Life

The February 20, 1993-born Crip Mac grew up in Los Angeles.Not his true name on social media. He was little when his mother relocated to Houston with her new white partner.

Crip moved back to LA with his aunt after two or three years in Texas. After a short stay with his aunt, he moved throughout LA. C-Mac also searched for a mechanic’s helper employment.

He quit working and hit the Old English hard around this period, he said. Crip lived on 40th and then 50th. His life altered when he relocated to 55th Street in Los Angeles at 19.

Crip Mac’s Age, Height, And Weight

Due to his secrecy, Crip Mac’s age has been debated since his birth on February 28, 1993. He confirmed his birthdate from a 2021 No Jumper interview that he turned 28 on February 20, 2021. It cleared up his age enigma.He is tall, over 6 feet. Crip is listed at 6 feet tall on many websites. 

Age30 years old
Date of BirthFebruary 20, 1993
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California, United States of America
Weight185 pounds
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark-Brown
Height6 ft 

Professional Career

US conditions were poor after WWII. Because the war fueled the economy, many lost employment and property values rose. It hurt everyone, but black people suffered most.

American gang culture began then. Stanly Tookie Williams founded Cripps in South Central in 1969. Los Angeles had 45 sets by 1978.

The PJ Watts Cripps and Bounty Hunter Bloods once hunted Grape Street crips. After fighting so many gangs, the Hoover Crips changed their name to the Hoover Criminals.

Mac joined the local “Crip” gang while residing there. C-Mac showed an interviewer that you can reach Hoover region from 55th Street by walking two streets. Others, like C-Mac, dislike rival Crip sets but not Hunter Bloods.

Crip Mac had to become the most renowned 55 Crip in the world. Several interviews said he was jumped in an alley for initiation.

C-Mac has been in and out of prison multiple times, but he won’t discuss his offences. He rarely discusses his street offences.

Music Music

Music is coming along slowly; he’s created videos like “Western Wiggle” and “Opp Goblin”. He’s also performing locally to boost his reputation.

His audience prefers videos of him arguing with his grandmother than music. Despite millions of YouTube views, he has 22k Spotify monthly listeners.

Funny videos and community service made C-Mac famous online. However, his loud and upbeat nature disguised much of his anguish. After his 2017 prison sentence, he took rap more seriously.

Crip Mac wrote his debut lyrics in prison. Mac went viral while in prison for the first time. He uploaded a trash track called “Cardi B” to YouTube.

The story behind rapping

His Crip membership began on 55th Street. He served multiple prison sentences as a gang member. Crip Mac started writing music in prison. He always daydreamed about rapping but never tried. When he was in prison with nothing to do, he wrote and released songs. His songs were popular rapidly, and he had a large following. 


The album 5Mous was published in 2022. Notable tunes on the CD include 5, Bluetiful, Pushing C’s, Ride on Emm, Crazy (2022), Never Commit Suicide, Hatred & Sin, and 5Night Fuhk.

Crip’s Personal Life 

The album 5Mous was published in 2022. Notable tunes on the CD include 5, Bluetiful, Pushing C’s, Ride on Emm, Crazy (2022), Never Commit Suicide, Hatred & Sin, and 5Night Fuhk.

Why Was Crip Mac Jailed? Is He Out Yet?

Crip Mac was arrested for drug and firearm possession in mid-2022. And the rapper was incarcerated. After months in prison, rapper Crip is free!

His release is detailed here. Several viral videos showed him thrilled to see his loved ones after his release. Mac has been imprisoned twice before. 


He makes movies debating whether to play with animals, feed Los Angeles’ poor, or threaten his opps with death. He was detained again for gun possession.Luckily, he only served a few months in prison and launched “Rat Food Clothing” afterward. Crip Mac released more music, did interviews, and gained fans daily throughout 2021.

His followers grew even more after he appeared on “Channel 5 News” on YouTube in November. As this channel is known for interviewing unique personalities, C-Mac fits in well. C-Mac showed Channel 5 its surroundings on 55th Street. C-Mac had its biggest chance. That video showcased his colourful attitude and his community service. In 2021, C-Mac was on course to become an internet celebrity.


Although grieving, C-Mac projected happiness. Crip Mac started posting pet-related videos on social media after his friend died.

On the “No Jumper podcast,” C-Mac explained the scenario. He said he was punished by fighting seven 55 Cripps. Two weeks later, C-Mac was detained again. The charges apparently involved drugs and guns, but details are unknown.

Blood of pool

He gave his wealth to the society after accumulating it. He fed the destitute with his earnings. Since his fame, he spoke out against suicide and encouraged kids and teens to stay in school and get an education. Many of his admirers love and worry about him because of his goodness and singing. A photo of Hos covered in blood and wounds online scared his admirers. The episode occurred a few months after an old Mac Facebook post claiming to be from another group went viral.

55th Street Rapper Net Worth

Even though he was in a gang and lived in the ghetto, he became a successful rapper. The fans helped him become a successful musician.

His music is heartwarming, and he often gives back to his community. His songs have also encouraged healthy living.

Crip Mac was born February 20, 1993. His hometown was Los Angeles.Crip Mac says his parents reared him nicely but has never divulged their identities.

He is dating Crips member Lupe. He loves her and they’re happy.

Crip Mac is a gang member and a suicide prevention and education advocate. Kindness to the community has made him popular and supported by fans.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Crip Mac’s real name?

Crip Mac keeps his real name private on social media.

Q. How did Crip Mac become famous?

Crip Mac became famous on YouTube and Spotify with songs like “55th Street” and “Keep It 55th Street.”

Q. What led to Crip Mac’s arrest and imprisonment?

Crip Mac was arrested for drug and weapon possession and imprisoned. He served time for legal concerns.

Q. How much is Crip Mac worth?

His music career and social media fame have made Crip Mac worth $1 million.

Q. What happened to Crip Mac’s marriage arrangements with whom?

Crip Mac dated Lupe, his manager. In May 2022, he announced marriage prospects, but the couple split over a filthy room.


Crip Mac’s life is a contrast between his music career, gang activity, and legal troubles. His story is complicated by his transition from Crip to suicide prevention and education activist.

The rapper’s persistence and fan support allow him to succeed in music despite personal issues. However, his battles, arrests, and legal issues show his continuous challenges.

Crip Mac feeds the homeless and supports his neighbourhood outside of music. His highs and lows continue to attract audiences, highlighting his multifaceted life and career.

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