Bill Cosby’s second kid, Erinn: Know All About Erinn Cosby 

As Bill and Camille Cosby’s second child, Erinn Cosby is a famous American artist and photographer. Erinn is also known for her fight with her father, which began when she was a college sophomore struggling with addiction. After her father leaked a report about her alcohol and drug misuse, Erinn Cosby had a strained connection with him. After years of hardship, she found help and is clean. Her brother’s death, the father-daughter relationship healed. 

Erinn Cosby’s Early Life And Education

Erinn Cosby’s extraordinary journey begins with family, culture, and education. The creative and gifted Cosby family had Erinn on July 23, 1966, in Los Angeles, California. Erinn, Bill and Camille’s second child, was educated, empathetic, and socially responsible.

Her education is a mix of academic and personal experiences. She was shaped by her high school education at a top Pennsylvania boarding school. Erinn gained varied viewpoints by attending private and public schools during this time.

Spelman College was her first college. An unexpected development in her sophomore year forced her to shift course. At New York University, she defied convention in photography and imaging. Pursuing her passion earned her a BA.

Erinn studied more to learn more. She then earned a master’s at Fordham. Her talents improved and she developed an integrative approach that would benefit her academic work.

Despite hurdles, Erinn pursued a doctorate to improve. Her intellectual evolution was shaped by her Temple University psychology PhD. She wanted to learn and improve our grasp of human behaviour and cognition because she loved this topic.

Her educational trajectory demonstrates her resilience, adaptability, and dedication to excellence. Her educational background has given her knowledge, skill, and insight.

Youth hardships helped Erinn grow and persevere. She surmounted these hardships with grace and perseverance, motivated by her family and determination, shaping her character and future.


Value Attribute
Full NameErinn Cosby
Date of BirthJuly 23, 1966
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, USA 
Age57 years old
EducationSpelman College, New York University, Fordham University, Temple University 
Zodiac SignLeo
Occupation Artist, photographer 
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourDark brown
Net worth$5 Million

Erinn’s Relationship With Her Father

By 25, Erinn stopped presenting herself as Erinn Cosby and started using her first name. The complications of her family name were stifling her independence. That big name always draws attention, which can be overstated.

In 1989, the Enquirer reported her heroin addiction. Father was angry with her for being careless and not supporting herself. Page Six said in 2014 that Bill ratted out his daughter.

Erinn said she used narcotics but wasn’t addicted. After the negative press, she moved to Miami Beach to escape. She stressed that she wanted to be more independent but did not dislike her father.

Erinn Cosby’s siblings

The photographer is the second-born of four siblings. Her siblings, from oldest to youngest: 

Erika Ranee 

Erika Ranee, 56, is a contemporary painter and NYU assistant professor of art. She earned an MFA in painting from Berkeley. New York galleries like The Last Brucennial, Bronx Museum, The Parlour Bushwick, and MAW Gallery have featured her work. 

Ennis Cosby 

Ennis Cosby was the sole son. He was born April 15, 1969. A failed robbery killed him at 27 on January 16, 1997. Mikhail Markhasev, 18, begged for money while changing a tyre on I-405 near Los Angeles. After Ennis failed to pay, the adolescent shot him.

Evin Ensa 

Erinn’s younger sibling is Evin Cosby, born August 27, 1976. She’s 45 in 2023. Evin owns PB & Caviar, a luxury boutique in Tribeca, New York. Her statement defending her father and attacking the media in April 2017 caused a stir. 

Erinn’s Career As A Professional Photographer 

Erinn became a full-time artist and photographer after college. The Cosby Show used her as Denise Huxtable’s model. 

She runs an art studio in Philadelphia. Miami and New York galleries featured her work.

The public could view her mounted pictures from the Philadelphia Art Sanctuary Gallery exhibition. 

Erinn depicts the lives of ordinary people in Cuba, Senegal, India, and more. 

She Claimed Mike Tyson Assaulted Her

The former boxer Mike Tyson was accused of sexually abusing Erinn Cosby. In November 1989, he met Erinn in a NYC nightclub.

He allegedly took her to his New Jersey home and tried to abuse her in his trophy room. 

Cosby said her father asked the former heavyweight champion to seek treatment rather than report the attack. 

To dispute a former boyfriend who had sold her story to The National Enquirer, Cosby appeared on The Phil Donahue Show in April 1992 to debate her assault accusation. 

In the documentary Fallen Champ: She recounted her friendship with Mike Tyson in The Untold Story. 

Later, the artist said her ex-boyfriend wanted to market her narrative.

IErinn Cosby Personal Life 

The artist keeps a low profile and rarely talks about herself. Her current dating status is unknown. The 24-year-old artist married in 1990, sources said. Her husband’s identity is unknown, but they parted after four months. Erinn then moved to Miami to start over. 

Today, where is Erinn Cosby? 

She became a full-time artist/photographer after graduating. Philadelphia is where the artist runs a studio. Her work is at New York and Miami galleries. Erinn’s paintings depicts Indian, Senegalese, and Cuban commoners.

Erinn Cosby’s Net Worth 

She appears to have a treasure chest with her name. Rumour has it she is worth $5 million. And it is no minor change, right? Where does all this wealth come from? The story is constructed from her artistic experience and photography skills.

Erinn, with her paintbrush and camera, makes works that touch people deeply. Her painting and photography career led to financial success. Her talent, commitment, and remarkable ability to capture events in beautiful ways have increased her net worth.

These creative strokes and time-freezing clicks have contributed to this wealth. Erinn’s skills have helped her make money through exhibitions and client commissions.

It is not a coincidence that she has a $5 million net worth. This shows how much her art and photography contribute to the world. It shows how she has transformed her passion into stunning photographs and a successful business with financial incentives.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Who is Erinn Cosby?

As the second child of Bill and Camille Cosby, Erinn Cosby is a famous American photographer and artist. She became famous for her paintings and her collegiate drug use.

2. What was Erinn Cosby’s education?

Erinn Cosby’s education was varied. Her second year of college, she studied photography and imaging at New York University after attending a prestigious Pennsylvania boarding school.She earned BA and MA from Fordham. Temple University awarded Erinn a Ph.D. in psychology.

3. What’s Erinn’s connection with her dad, Bill?

In her youth, Erinn Cosby had a complicated connection with her father, Bill. Bill Cosby revealed Erinn’s alcohol and drug problems, straining relations. After Erinn’s brother Ennis Cosby’s death, they reconciled.

4. Who are Erinn Cosby’s siblings?

Erinn Cosby has four siblings: Erika Ranee, Ennis Cosby (dead), Evin Ensa, and an unnamed brother.

5. What is Erinn Cosby’s photography career?

Erinn Cosby became a full-time artist and photographer after graduating. She modelled on “The Cosby Show” and operates a studio in Philadelphia, exhibiting her work in Miami and New York galleries. Her photography addresses international experiences.

6. Did Erinn Cosby say Mike Tyson assaulted her?

Mike Tyson was accused of sexual assault by Erinn Cosby. She said Tyson tried to abuse her in his trophy room after meeting her in a NYC nightclub. Erinn later appeared on “The Phil Donahue Show” to discuss the assault accusation, admitting she did so under duress from her ex-boyfriend.

7. Is Erinn Cosby dating?

The dating status of Erinn Cosby is unknown due to her low profile. Her husband is unknown, but she married in 1990. After four months, the pair divorced, prompting Erinn to move to Miami.


Erinn Cosby’s life shows tenacity, progress, and artistic success. She has conquered obstacles with grace and persistence, from her early drug addiction to her schooling and successful photography profession. A family tragedy led to her reconciliation with her father, Bill Cosby. Erinn’s photography has helped her flourish and earned her $5 million net worth. Perseverance and art can change lives, as her tale shows.

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